How to Download an Instagram Photo Quickly

One of the services that my agency provides to clients is social media platform management.  For certain clients, we are responsible for curating content to publish to their Instagram account.

Up until recently, we saved photos from Instagram the slow way.  The slow way is when you navigate to Instagram’s website on your desktop or laptop computer…

Instagram on Web Browser
Instagram’s Web Browser Experience

You find the Instagram photo you want to save and click on it.  When you right-click or ctrl-click the photo you want to download you’ll see a menu with the option View Page Source.

Screenshot of the “View Page Source” menu option

Click “View Page Source” and find the line of code that starts with <meta property=”og:image“.  You’re going to see right after that blurb of code it will say content=”….jpg”  it might have the file extension png or mp4 too.  Either way that long URL is what you need.

The yellow highlighted text is the URL that you need to copy paste.

Copy the image URL and paste the link into your browser and hit Enter.  You’ll be taken to a page with the image or video you’re trying to save.  Right-click or Ctrl-click the image, and you’ll be able to select Save Image As to save the photo.

Though it works, using the slow way when you have dozens of images to grab takes forever.  So here is an alternate option.

Try using 4K Stogram.  4K Stogram is an app you can download to your computer that lets you download content from public Instagram profiles with just one click.

I was nervous about downloading this software to my computer without really being sure if it was credible or not, but I took the risk I can share from a first-hand perspective that the software works as described on the website.

To get this app go to and click the orange button “Get 4k Stogram”

Home page view of 4K Stogram download link

You’ll have to download and install the application before you can use it.  Once you’ve got it installed it is VERY user-friendly.  All you have to do is enter the username your sourcing files from into the search box.  Once the user profile populates in the search results you click the media in their profile that you want and 4K Stogram downloads it to your desktop.

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